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Asteria Update 17/10/2013

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Sadly this post is a good news, bad news post. After pretty much completing the map for version 2.2 Beta 8.4.6 in terms of entities and functionality just leaving a little bit of modeling at texturing to do, I turned my attention to the latest version of RPG-X V2.3 Beta 1. I suspected that it wouldn’t load and I was right so I began removing some functionality to see how much had to be cut out in order to get the map to load up properly. It was only after the removal of the following that the map loaded:

– Transporter Test Cylinder
– Reactor Breach Functionality
– 2 Escape Pod spots
– The Engineering Equipment Locker
– 3000ish Brushes
– 316 Entities
– Sensor Damage System
– Life Support Functionality
– 20 Models
– The Shuttlepod

After hours of tinkering I could draw only one conclusion. If I was going to release this map for V2.3 Beta 1 I would have to remove all Functionality that I have spent months designing and implementing. So the short answer is that Station Asteria will not be supported on V2.3 Beta 1. Instead It will only be supported on version 2.2 Beta 8.4.6 and back. I refuse to compromise on my work any further just to get it to work on the latest version. The entities are as efficient as possible with no unnecessary relays, delays, or Boolean entities. The Caulking is fairly good with only a few tight areas requiring improvement but this will not change the stability of the map. So what does that mean for V2.3 Beta 1? To put it simply Asteria will not be available for it, but what I will do after Asteria’s release is produce a sister station map called Station Leto named after Asteria’s sister in Greek mythology. This map will be a basic RPG-x map featuring no advanced functionality such as damage, shuttlepods, ai or holographic displays and will look a little different from Asteria with a different color scheme and some minor room changes.

Wish I had better news, but sadly with no way to identify the problem, no error messages and with the brush and entity limit being well below the limitations of the engine I cant devise a method of repair, and I am not prepared to sample out my source material. If a fix is going to come to RPG-X V2.3 Beta 1 it will have to do so after the release of the pack.

Sorry to all for the delays in getting this map out, I cant wait to finally put this disappointment behind me and get the map out there!

EDIT: The advantage with my mapping style is that I am able to apply texture mods and make duplicate stations in less then 20 minutes



Asteria Update 08/10/2013


OK so after taking a lot of functionality out I am officially pissed off but also move much more smoothly. A lot of things have been taken out, but in exchange a lot has been added in. The map is heading more towards the polishing stage now, as there is only a hand full of functions that need to be put in now. Most recent of which is the holographic display which you can see below.


Mapping Progession

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When I started Asteria, well almost a year ago now, I intended to use it simply for refining my existing mapping skills. It started out small and relatively unimportant but grew into a station that was not only visually pleasing but a refreshing change from the DS9 redresses of the past. The Federation station operations after all would not necessarily conform to the overseers office to front view screen design we have seen in DS9. It made more sense to me that the operations center would more closely resemble a mission control or office type layout with no determinable front. So the map grew, the features became more pronounced and ambitious and the problems harder and harder to deal with. I have to say that so far Asteria has been probably one of the most stressful and tiring creations I have ever made. The map is currently in its later stages, and with some luck should be seeing a beta by earlier November for VIP testers who have already been selected and have an idea of who they are. Until then I push on with the map in the hopes that it will soon be ready and my interaction with it will cease and move on to the role playing community. That aside its not the destination but the journey that counts.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
– Greg Anderson


Asteria – Injector Crawl-way


The Injector Crawl-way is the area directly above the reactor that houses the Antimatter and Matter Injectors. This area is flooded with radiation while the Reactor is operating. It uses four small conduits that run down the side of each of the four injector conduits. These conduits bleed off the radiation produced by the antimatter/matter reaction into large dissipators housed in the ceiling of the crawl-way. These break down the radiation but the crawl-way suffers from secondary exposure which is enough to kill anyone who enters the crawl-way while they are active. Normally the injectors would be located else where but unfortunately Asteria is an experimental and some what bodged station so it can be regarded as a design over site.




Asteria Pack – Addon Skins


So its been a while since I posted here, although I have posted a lot on my you tube channel. As I have mentioned in previous videos, Asteria will be part of a pack so I thought I would show off some of the other stuff coming with it. For example I have a few skins that will be added. so far I only have the male skins done but take a look anyway. commenting has been disabled due to loads of spam so sorry about that. [EDIT] I have turned comments on for this one post, will disable in a week or so.






Behind the Scenes 3 : Mapping for RPG-X

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So the time has come again for me to post a behind the scenes video on my blog, this time round its mapping for the quake 3 engine or specifically RPG-X. I ramble quite a bit in these videos, you have been warned, but I also believe I can at least show you how I create my maps, and in turn might even give some extra tips to advanced mappers to help them improve their creations. I would like to make it clear that I am not attempting to slate the work of others in these videos, although I do use other peoples maps as examples of areas that could use some improvement in my opinion. Will and Ant, creators of Poseidon B, please don’t hate me, I picked your least detailed room, and expressed some ideas as to how to improve it based on my own preferences, so don’t take offense.

I have uploaded all the videos bar one which I will add to this thread first thing in the morning when it has uploaded, so without further stalling for time here is the video list!:





Links of use:

Don’t forget, if there’s anything you would like to see let me know, and I will try and put another behind the scenes video for you! Thanks!

A sneak peak of whats to come :P

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OK so the time has come for me to once again post something to prove I am alive, but I don’t have anything left that I can release that wont take some magic away from what I am working on. So I will have to post something anyway. I wont give a lot of information about it but its in rpg-x and is quite pretty 😛

Asteria Mission Badge


So its the first time I’ve made one of these, but here it is, the Asteria Station Mission Badge! Always wanted to make one and now seemed like the perfect excuse.


So you will obviously notice the Latin captions, my Latin is pretty crap but I tried mt best, I was aiming for:

“Soul in the Machine born in the Stars”

“Asteria Cradle of Artificial Life”

Both of course referring to the stations Artificial Intelligence. If anyone out their how ever speaks proper Latin and knows the grammar and syntax then let me know so I can update it.


UPDATE: OK This thing is bugging me so i’ve sent of the phrases to a translation specialist that I’ve paid for an accurate translation. Damn my attention to detail!


UPDATE2: The translation is back and is as follows.

“Soul in the Machine born in the Stars”

“Asteria Cradle of Artificial Life”

And the updated mission badge!


Mass Effect Stuff

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So for my super secret project I needed some Mass Effect stuff for EF…… yes that’s like putting avatar special effects into one of Charlie Chaplin’s moving pictures. Anyway, so lets see what we have so far. We have a relatively low poly model of a sovereign class reaper! Looks awesome when its to scale in game!


We also have a nice Illusive Man office map, which will look really good later on its still in its early stages. In this room you see my friend Callum’s and my Custom models for rpg-x.


We also have the Cerberus uniforms i needed for a particular part and they can be seen below.


That’s about all I can go into at this time, but since its been so long since an update I suppose I better put something up here 😉

All your getting!!!


Just as an update, I’m currently working on something, not going to say what but some of you may be wondering why their aren’t a lot of updates on my channels or blog lately. This video doesn’t show much, just an area in an rpg-x map that i have been working on that does link in with Asteria. I’m not going to say anything else but enjoy the Mass Effect theme!