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Endurance Updates

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Haven’t had time to produce a video lately so I’ve decided to post a little update post on here about Endurance. After a lengthy discussion about the economical system of star trek on youtube I decided to change the Endurance to a Starfleet Cargo/Transport ship. As a result several changes had to be made to the overall design to allow it to conform to Starfleet safety and operations requirements. One of those changes was personnel transport capabilities. This change forced me to produce some Chinese style hotel pods as habitation areas for up to 12 people in a single room and a joint shower and rec area for passengers. Not the best way to travel but if a Starfleet outpost requires some new staff its certainly a way of getting people there and certainly acceptable for emergency evacuations. Here are some pics of the new sections.


First Image: Sonic Shower Room


Second Image: Joint Rec Room


Third Image: Habitation Pods


Forth Image: Habitation Module Corridors

Asteria Pack Update

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I have just updated the Asteria Pack to allow for greater stability with RPG-X V2.2 Beta 8.4.4 and 8.4.6. It hasn’t been tested with server loads yet “that’s where you guys come in” but essentially I just trimmed out a few bits, simplified some brush work and removed some minor functionality. Changes include:

– Removal of Mirror in Engineering Locker
– Removal/Simplified some brush work and removed some meshes
– Removed Phaser/Photon/Tractor beam damage sub systems and replaced with a single weapons system
– Reorganized Engineering entities, removing reactor cooling, injector and flow regulator status screens
– Removed console controls for removable panels in engineering and replaced with simple panels
– Tidied up entities to make them less resource hungry

If you guys could try it out and let me know if you can get more people on a server that would be great!


Whats going on?

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OK so its been a while since my last post so I thought I would just say Hi! I’m not dead…. yet…. but I am really busy. Shortly after the release of Asteria I decided to cut my hours down at my place of employment and focus on designing and creating my own first commercial game for sale as an indie project. As a result I made the decision to cut off all communication with the interwebs in an effort to avoid distractions so I could focus on my Game Design Document. All other projects and time investments were put on hold and I focused 100% of my brain power on this new project. So what can I tell you about it? Nothing of course, its in its infancy, nothing is certain. What I can say is that I’m a good portion of the way through both the Game Design Document and the tech demo to ensure the engine can take what I’m throwing at it so that’s good. This of course leaves us with a “what has happened to everything else you were doing?” situation. Lets keep it simple:

Asteria : Never going to be released 2.3 compatible because I can’t be assed to spend months tweaking it and learning lua scripting but may have a new reduced version to make it more stable with 2.2)
Mapping Videos : My map doesn’t work, do you really think I should be teaching people how to map for RPG-X when I cant technically do it myself? Cancelled despite having the first episode almost done 🙁
Station Leto : Will be released for V2.3 but there is no time table planned for its continuation so could be in a month could be next year.
Let’s Play of Deus Ex – HR : I really wanted to carry on with this, but I am going to focus on a new style of let’s plays that will be based around maybe a few episodes dedicated to each game with developers point of views as to what was done right and what was done wrong in my opinion.

That’s all, don’t even have a picture to show, let me rummage through my desktop crap folder, hang on! AHHHH! For those that haven’t seen my Leto pics from before, here they are on my bloggy.

RPG-X Mapping tutorials

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So I posted a video on my channel detailing my plans to start a series of videos teaching people how to create custom content for RPG-X and Elite Force. I decided to do this as a lot of people have sent me messages, comments and emails about how to get started or even about the more advanced sides.

So here’s a little teaser of what the first episode is looking like at the moment.

Good and Bad News


OK so I’ve been very quiet for the past few weeks but I have good reason. Sadly my PC motherboard kinda died. Apparently the VRM’s next to the processor couldn’t handle the processors power requirements and started to overheat despite only being 6 months old. So after figuring this out I ordered a new and improved motherboard! YAY! Which arrived faulty. I know have the long and boring wait of sending it back, getting it tested, and awaiting a replacement when confirmed faulty. This of course means that Asteria has not been touched and the beta for November is not going to happen. I would lift the needed files from my Hard drives but my hard drives encrypted and I cant access the map without damaging my windows partition and all my saved games and crap. With Christmas coming too which is the hardest period of the year for me work wise, even if I manage to get the computer fixed over the next few weeks, I simply wont have the time or energy to continue working on it until the new year. Sucks right? Sorry not my fault, motherboard was shit. So where does that leave us? Well fortunately I was able to copy some bits of my desktop before the computer died completely which included the Asteria models but not the map “I thought I would have my pc up and running in no time so only took the stuff I was working on”. I have of course continued with these models and you can now see the completed Asteria Exterior model below!


Ok I did promise some good news. Unable to touch anything I am currently working on I then decided to take a look at things that I can work on. Thought about it for a while and decided “hell with it, lets make an android game!”. With the Okinawa and Asteria models available to me I started making a Starbase building game with top down shooter elements! Below is a video of what I have so far! and yes I listen to the TNG theme while I make things!

On To Asteria Station


So with the Okinawa almost complete I have turned my attention the the second 3d model that will be visible on the holo display, Station Asteria. This exterior model was made back when I finalized the layout of the station although a few bits have been added in since then. The station is to scale with each of the levels playable on RPG-X. When the model is complete I will post an image of the Station along side a starship to show you just how dinky it is “Its dwarfed by a Nova class :P”. The current model is still quite early in its development, and there are still a lot of details to add in, not to mention the lack of textures in some places. That aside, I leave you with just the one render below.


Okinawa Update 27/10/2013

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Well its looking a lot better now even though there is still some way to go. I must have spent about a week on this puppy and its not the best ship model on the planet as ship models aren’t really my strong point but considering the limits of the RPG-X/EF engine in regards to models, I think it has turned out OK so far. Anyway, pickies time! Its a bit dark as I was rendering gleams without ambient lighting when i took these, but its a comparison between the original and the new Enterprise E style ship.




Okinawa Revisited


So with me pushing out the last of the Asteria Models we are rapidly nearing the beta map. If you remember the holographic display in operations, and the video I posted featuring it you will know that there is going to be an exterior station model and ship model viewable on the holo display. So I was sat at my desk deciding what would make a very generic ship to display there. If you did a Borg cube it wouldn’t be very good for role plays as it is what it is. The same goes for Romulan and Klingon ships, its not generic enough so you would only be able to use that if you had a role play involving the Borg or Romulans. The same problem applies with federation starships as well. We all know what the galaxy class looks like and what it is supposed to be. It then hit me, I need a Federation ship that no one has seen before that can be just a starship, or a prototype or a section 31 ship, it can be anything you want.

Those of you who remember the Freelance project I worked on will probably remember the submit a star ship competition I did, where I redesigned several starships that were submitted, to suit the 2388 style. One of them was the Okinawa Class seen in Starfleet Command.

I redesigned it a little to make it more closely match a sovereign class design.


Well with a little work the ship is slowly coming to life, for the sole purpose of being a single pushable button on station Asteria!



Nice to see some of the old designs re-used. Anyway, better finish it hadn’t I.

Asteria Update 17/10/2013

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Sadly this post is a good news, bad news post. After pretty much completing the map for version 2.2 Beta 8.4.6 in terms of entities and functionality just leaving a little bit of modeling at texturing to do, I turned my attention to the latest version of RPG-X V2.3 Beta 1. I suspected that it wouldn’t load and I was right so I began removing some functionality to see how much had to be cut out in order to get the map to load up properly. It was only after the removal of the following that the map loaded:

– Transporter Test Cylinder
– Reactor Breach Functionality
– 2 Escape Pod spots
– The Engineering Equipment Locker
– 3000ish Brushes
– 316 Entities
– Sensor Damage System
– Life Support Functionality
– 20 Models
– The Shuttlepod

After hours of tinkering I could draw only one conclusion. If I was going to release this map for V2.3 Beta 1 I would have to remove all Functionality that I have spent months designing and implementing. So the short answer is that Station Asteria will not be supported on V2.3 Beta 1. Instead It will only be supported on version 2.2 Beta 8.4.6 and back. I refuse to compromise on my work any further just to get it to work on the latest version. The entities are as efficient as possible with no unnecessary relays, delays, or Boolean entities. The Caulking is fairly good with only a few tight areas requiring improvement but this will not change the stability of the map. So what does that mean for V2.3 Beta 1? To put it simply Asteria will not be available for it, but what I will do after Asteria’s release is produce a sister station map called Station Leto named after Asteria’s sister in Greek mythology. This map will be a basic RPG-x map featuring no advanced functionality such as damage, shuttlepods, ai or holographic displays and will look a little different from Asteria with a different color scheme and some minor room changes.

Wish I had better news, but sadly with no way to identify the problem, no error messages and with the brush and entity limit being well below the limitations of the engine I cant devise a method of repair, and I am not prepared to sample out my source material. If a fix is going to come to RPG-X V2.3 Beta 1 it will have to do so after the release of the pack.

Sorry to all for the delays in getting this map out, I cant wait to finally put this disappointment behind me and get the map out there!

EDIT: The advantage with my mapping style is that I am able to apply texture mods and make duplicate stations in less then 20 minutes



Asteria Update 08/10/2013


OK so after taking a lot of functionality out I am officially pissed off but also move much more smoothly. A lot of things have been taken out, but in exchange a lot has been added in. The map is heading more towards the polishing stage now, as there is only a hand full of functions that need to be put in now. Most recent of which is the holographic display which you can see below.