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Haven’t had time to produce a video lately so I’ve decided to post a little update post on here about Endurance. After a lengthy discussion about the economical system of star trek on youtube I decided to change the Endurance to a Starfleet Cargo/Transport ship. As a result several changes had to be made to the overall design to allow it to conform to Starfleet safety and operations requirements. One of those changes was personnel transport capabilities. This change forced me to produce some Chinese style hotel pods as habitation areas for up to 12 people in a single room and a joint shower and rec area for passengers. Not the best way to travel but if a Starfleet outpost requires some new staff its certainly a way of getting people there and certainly acceptable for emergency evacuations. Here are some pics of the new sections.


First Image: Sonic Shower Room


Second Image: Joint Rec Room


Third Image: Habitation Pods


Forth Image: Habitation Module Corridors

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