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Asteria Pack Update

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I have just updated the Asteria Pack to allow for greater stability with RPG-X V2.2 Beta 8.4.4 and 8.4.6. It hasn’t been tested with server loads yet “that’s where you guys come in” but essentially I just trimmed out a few bits, simplified some brush work and removed some minor functionality. Changes include:

– Removal of Mirror in Engineering Locker
– Removal/Simplified some brush work and removed some meshes
– Removed Phaser/Photon/Tractor beam damage sub systems and replaced with a single weapons system
– Reorganized Engineering entities, removing reactor cooling, injector and flow regulator status screens
– Removed console controls for removable panels in engineering and replaced with simple panels
– Tidied up entities to make them less resource hungry

If you guys could try it out and let me know if you can get more people on a server that would be great!


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