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OK so its been a while since my last post so I thought I would just say Hi! I’m not dead…. yet…. but I am really busy. Shortly after the release of Asteria I decided to cut my hours down at my place of employment and focus on designing and creating my own first commercial game for sale as an indie project. As a result I made the decision to cut off all communication with the interwebs in an effort to avoid distractions so I could focus on my Game Design Document. All other projects and time investments were put on hold and I focused 100% of my brain power on this new project. So what can I tell you about it? Nothing of course, its in its infancy, nothing is certain. What I can say is that I’m a good portion of the way through both the Game Design Document and the tech demo to ensure the engine can take what I’m throwing at it so that’s good. This of course leaves us with a “what has happened to everything else you were doing?” situation. Lets keep it simple:

Asteria : Never going to be released 2.3 compatible because I can’t be assed to spend months tweaking it and learning lua scripting but may have a new reduced version to make it more stable with 2.2)
Mapping Videos : My map doesn’t work, do you really think I should be teaching people how to map for RPG-X when I cant technically do it myself? Cancelled despite having the first episode almost done 🙁
Station Leto : Will be released for V2.3 but there is no time table planned for its continuation so could be in a month could be next year.
Let’s Play of Deus Ex – HR : I really wanted to carry on with this, but I am going to focus on a new style of let’s plays that will be based around maybe a few episodes dedicated to each game with developers point of views as to what was done right and what was done wrong in my opinion.

That’s all, don’t even have a picture to show, let me rummage through my desktop crap folder, hang on! AHHHH! For those that haven’t seen my Leto pics from before, here they are on my bloggy.

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