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Good and Bad News


OK so I’ve been very quiet for the past few weeks but I have good reason. Sadly my PC motherboard kinda died. Apparently the VRM’s next to the processor couldn’t handle the processors power requirements and started to overheat despite only being 6 months old. So after figuring this out I ordered a new and improved motherboard! YAY! Which arrived faulty. I know have the long and boring wait of sending it back, getting it tested, and awaiting a replacement when confirmed faulty. This of course means that Asteria has not been touched and the beta for November is not going to happen. I would lift the needed files from my Hard drives but my hard drives encrypted and I cant access the map without damaging my windows partition and all my saved games and crap. With Christmas coming too which is the hardest period of the year for me work wise, even if I manage to get the computer fixed over the next few weeks, I simply wont have the time or energy to continue working on it until the new year. Sucks right? Sorry not my fault, motherboard was shit. So where does that leave us? Well fortunately I was able to copy some bits of my desktop before the computer died completely which included the Asteria models but not the map “I thought I would have my pc up and running in no time so only took the stuff I was working on”. I have of course continued with these models and you can now see the completed Asteria Exterior model below!


Ok I did promise some good news. Unable to touch anything I am currently working on I then decided to take a look at things that I can work on. Thought about it for a while and decided “hell with it, lets make an android game!”. With the Okinawa and Asteria models available to me I started making a Starbase building game with top down shooter elements! Below is a video of what I have so far! and yes I listen to the TNG theme while I make things!

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Too bad, I kinda hoped that the beta would be out for my Birthday the 29th 😀 but at least the map hasn’t been deleted or something worse like that.
By the way did you receive my beta application ?
And the Android game seems cool and I don’t think that there is an equivalent yet on the Play Store.

  • That’s why I decided to make one, there are some others I had in mind, this game kinda merges all the bits from these so I can use it as a test bed. Just got photon torps working lol

  • Perfect then ! I was looking for a Star Trek Game to play on my phone, and also, Asteria’s model with the skybox behind is beautiful.

  • Took a long time to make, tooooo long!

  • I’ve been following Asteria for a while and was very interested by the game you’re making.

    What I’m most interested in is the “remix” of the SFC1 main menu theme. Did you make that yourself and are you releasing it?

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