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On To Asteria Station


So with the Okinawa almost complete I have turned my attention the the second 3d model that will be visible on the holo display, Station Asteria. This exterior model was made back when I finalized the layout of the station although a few bits have been added in since then. The station is to scale with each of the levels playable on RPG-X. When the model is complete I will post an image of the Station along side a starship to show you just how dinky it is “Its dwarfed by a Nova class :P”. The current model is still quite early in its development, and there are still a lot of details to add in, not to mention the lack of textures in some places. That aside, I leave you with just the one render below.


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She’s looking good too.
I wonder where the shuttle bay is ? Is it the round base at the bottom ?

  • Yes that is level 5, the Launch bay doors are on the bottom.

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