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Okinawa Revisited


So with me pushing out the last of the Asteria Models we are rapidly nearing the beta map. If you remember the holographic display in operations, and the video I posted featuring it you will know that there is going to be an exterior station model and ship model viewable on the holo display. So I was sat at my desk deciding what would make a very generic ship to display there. If you did a Borg cube it wouldn’t be very good for role plays as it is what it is. The same goes for Romulan and Klingon ships, its not generic enough so you would only be able to use that if you had a role play involving the Borg or Romulans. The same problem applies with federation starships as well. We all know what the galaxy class looks like and what it is supposed to be. It then hit me, I need a Federation ship that no one has seen before that can be just a starship, or a prototype or a section 31 ship, it can be anything you want.

Those of you who remember the Freelance project I worked on will probably remember the submit a star ship competition I did, where I redesigned several starships that were submitted, to suit the 2388 style. One of them was the Okinawa Class seen in Starfleet Command.

I redesigned it a little to make it more closely match a sovereign class design.


Well with a little work the ship is slowly coming to life, for the sole purpose of being a single pushable button on station Asteria!



Nice to see some of the old designs re-used. Anyway, better finish it hadn’t I.

3 Responses

Ahh the Okinawa, i loved this ship in Klingon Academy. 😛

  • It was in Klingon Academy? I thought it was just SFC

  • Nope, Klingon Academy aswell. Was classed as a Destroyer i think and was called the Okinawa Class in the game as well.