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I now have a Live Stream Channel!


In the hopes of making it easier to produce lets plays “to cut out all the post production screwing around” I have created a Live Stream Channel. Good news? perhaps, sadly my internet connection is a little bit rubbish by modern standards so I can’t stream high definition videos, more like 800 bit rate and 768 X 432 videos :(. Still maybe I can use it to complement my LP’s and other projects by doing them live while recording a high def version to upload to you tube at the same time. Channel is located at . At the moment their are some test videos to test offline and online streaming so its worth a look anyway.


2 Responses

Note to self, never eat a peanut butter sandwich while watching Griffin. I nearly choked several times because I was laughing so hard at the Minecraft LP. I think it’s your best LP yet, to tell the truth. I look forward to more of these Livestreams!

  • I know I think the same, the zombie bit is priceless. I honestly didn’t know about them. Gunna upload to you tube eventually.